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4th January 2015 We were much saddened to learn of the recent passing away of Ron Harman, long-time stalwart of Cavendish Chess Club and one of its most colourful characters. Barry Green has put together this obituary.

6th September 2014 Another year slips by...fixtures for the new 2014/2015 season have just been published. They're now available using the links above.

3rd September 2012 Fixtures for the new 2012/2013 season have just been published. They're now available using the links above.

24th July 2011 New grades are just out. The top three has a familiar ring to it: Jon Parker 238, John Cox 228, Mark Ferguson 225. No, Will Watson hasn't left the club, but he has dropped off the grading list by not playing enough games. That can easily be put right next year Will! Elsewhere, notable gainers included Simon Roe 198 (+9) and Club Treasurer Tony Milnes 181 (+12). Full details on the ECF website.

21st July 2011 The City of London Summer Rapidplay league is well underway. After winning the first 5 matches, Cavendish suffered a setback with a draw against Drunken Knights and a defeat to Athenaeum. However, winning the remaining matches would give us a shot at first place and in any case it's a lot better than last year! Fixtures and results here.

28th June 2011 Cavendish have retained the Essex Lightning Championship! The team scored 30½ match points out of a possible 36, ahead of Barking (29) and Ilford A (26½). Matt Piper (8½/9), Danny Wright (9/9!) and Zaki Harari (7/9) all won board prizes while Syd Kalinsky secured the result with a draw against the otherwise unstoppable Barking board 4 in the last round.

18th May 2011 Cavendish I have finished 5th in the first division. Many thanks to all who played this season. Matt's report on the season can be viewed here.

6th May 2011 Cavendish II have won the LCL Second Division and regained their rightful place in next year's First Division. Congratulations to Barry and the team. Barry's report on last night's match and on the whole season can be viewed here.

28th April 2011 Cavendish have retained the Eastman Cup! Despite fielding a side bolstered by several players from different clubs, Richmond could only manage a 5-5 draw and Cavendish took the trophy on board count. Full result here.

18th February 2011 Last night's match saw our opponents, Wood Green, bring out the big guns with 8 GMs, 3 IMs and an average grade of 214. The result is here. Cavendish's only win in the match is annotated here.

12th January 2011 The Cavendish Chess Club Annual Dinner will be held on 3rd February 2011 at Ciao Bella, Lamb's Conduit Street (2 minutes walk from Millman Street). The cost will be approximately 30 (excluding drinks). All welcome! Please contact Michael Brown for further details or to reserve your place.

4th October 2010 John Sheehy has taken over from Martin Green as captain of the Minor League team. Many thanks to John for agreeing to do this and good luck for the forthcoming season!

23rd August 2010 Subscriptions for the coming season are now due. Mike Brown writes: "The club AGM reluctantly thought it necessary to increase subscriptions to keep the club financially viable. However Cavendish subscriptions are still very good value for money For the 2010/11 season these are as follows: President 180, Chair 130, Vice-President 125, Ordinary members 50, Concessions remain 10, Titled players are exempt although if they wish to pay this is very welcome. There is also evidence from last year that this is good for your grading as all the exempt players who paid had their grades increased, in one case putting them into the top ten players in the country. Please pay this year's subscription as soon as possible, either to Tony Milnes or one of the Match Captains. These can also be paid by standing order or directly to Cavendish Chess Club." Club members will have been emailed with details of how to pay by standing order.

19th August 2010 Fixtures for the London League 2010/11 are now out. Cavendish I face Hackney I in the first game, the second and third teams play Wimbledon I and II respectively, while the Minor Laegue team take on Battersea. Full details here.

12th August 2010 2010/11 grades are out. Cavendish (for the first time in many years?) has two players in the top 10 by grade in the country (William Watson 6th and John Parker 10th). Elsewhere Barry Green proved that captaincy doesn't necessarily harm your chess by gaining 11 points. However overall the players of the club lost 65 grading points or an average of 1.5pts per player. Better luck next year! A full list can be found on the ECF website.

5th July 2010 Cavendish are Essex Blitz Champions! The Cavendish team of Matt Piper, Danny Wright, Zaki Harari and Syd Kalinsky convincingly won the Essex Blitz Team Championship on Sunday winning all 8 matches in the all-play-all event and amassing 27 game points out of a possible 32. Barking A were second with 23½ points while last year's champions Ilford finished in 5th. Matt (6½/8) and Danny (7½/8) won board prizes while both Zaki (7/8) and Syd (6/8) were unlucky to miss out. Full results can be found here.

1st July 2010 Cavendish 7 - 1 Kings Head. Are you England in disguise? were the cries as Cavendish sent KH packing in the fourth round of the City of London Summer League last night. In fact, two of the KH players were too afraid to even turn up! After a 3-1 score-line in the first game Cavendish romped home 4-0 in the second half with Barry Fraser neatly refuting his opponent's exchange sac and Syd Kalinsky revealing a home-grown novelty in a common line of the Two Knights which his opponent failed to deal with. All results can be found here.

27th June 2010 Cavendish player John Upham has been working on the ECF Certificate of Merit. There's an online quiz you can take here. My score was 70% - I'm sure you can do better than that.

12th June 2010 Cavendish narrowly lost their first match in the City of London Rapidplay league to Battersea. Many of the games could have gone either way but the rub of the chequered green wasn't with us and after tying the first round of matches 2-2 we slumped to a 1-3 defeat in the second round. Full details here. Next week's match is against Albany and we are confident of a quick bounce-back!

2nd June 2010 The City of London Summer Rapidplay league starts next week. Once again there are twelve teams in the league with four players in each team. A match consists of two rounds of rapidplay chess (each player faces their counterpart with the white and the black pieces) and there are grading restrictions on boards 2-4 (Bd2: U180, Bd3: U165, Bd4: U150). All matches are played on Wednesdays at 7.15pm at Golden Lane, beginning on June 9th. Please contact Matt Piper if you are interested in playing in any of the matches.

1st June 2010 The Cavendish AGM will be held at 24th June at 7pm in Millman Street. All club members are invited to attend. Among topics for discussion will be the potential abolition of board fees and the consequent raising of subscriptions. In addition, the club officers will be delivering their reports on the season. For those who cannot make it, the first and second team captains' reports are available to download. The LCL AGM will be held on the 14th July at 7pm at Golden Lane. The Eastman Cup will be presented to Cavendish here!

1st May 2010 The end of the season is upon us. In the first division Cavendish I finished third while despite a momunental struggle, Cavendish II finished second from bottom and have been relegated. In division three the third team finished 10th while in the Minor League our team finished in seventh place. In addition, the club won the Eastman Cup for the first time in seven years. All results can be found on the fixtures page.

20th April 2010 Cavendish have won the Eastman Cup! The final against Richmond was a very close affair with our opponents bolstering their side with the addition of a couple of faces more often associated with other London League clubs. At one point it looked as though the match was going to be decided on board count before Zaki performed some heroics, winning a Q+B endgame despite being a pawn down! The final score was 5½-4½ to Cavendish - the full match score is here. The cup will be presented at the LCL AGM in July.

28th February 2010 Eastman Cup. Cavendish gained revenge over Drunken Knights for a couple of recent league defeats by winning a close match to reach the final of the Eastman Cup. Despite being marginally out-graded on most of the boards the Cavendish team scraped home 5½-4½. The match featured a very strong performance by the lower 5 boards, especially Zaki and Cauis who both beat opponents with higher ratings. The full result can be found here. The final will be against either Athenaeum or Richmond. Details of this match will appear here soon.

19th January 2010 London Chess Classic. A number of Cavendish players took part in the FIDE open of the London Chess Classic last month. While all the publicity was about the main event, the FIDE open itself was the strongest open tournament in London since the demise of the Lloyd's Bank Masters 15 or so years ago. A brief report on the Cavendish players' performance, and an annotated game can be found here.

23rd December 2009 Mid-season report: at the half-way point of the season Cavendish I are second in the first division of the LCL with three wins, one loss and one match unfinished in which the team is guaranteed at least a draw. Cavendish II have scored one win and four losses but still have many of the weaker teams to play and so are on target to stay in the first division. Cavendish III are solidly mid-table in division three while the Minor League team have been unlucky to lose some of their matches by the narrowest margin. On an individual basis, in the first team Simon Roe has 3/3 while Jon Parker, Peter Taylor and Natasha Regan have all scored 80% or more. Happy Christmas to everyone at the club and good luck in the matches next year!

23rd December 2009 Cavendish beat Battersea 5½-4½ in a very close match to reach the semi-finals of the Eastman Cup. This is against Drunken Knights (away) in a match to be played by the end of February.

17th December 2009 The Cavendish Chess Club Annual Dinner will be held on 24th February 2010 at Ciao Bella, Lamb's Conduit Street (2 minutes walk from Millman Street). The cost will be approximately 25 (excluding drinks). All welcome! Please contact Michael Brown for further details or to reserve your place.

23rd Oct 2009 Ron Harman has stepped down as Club Treasurer. Ron has done a great job and a huge amount of work as Treasurer. Surely a vocation as a debt collector would have suited him well! In addition, Ron has worked tirelessly for the club over many years, recently as Second Team Captain and Newsletter Editor. He will, I am sure, continue to help out and play in many matches for Cavendish but in the meantime the whole club owes him a massive thanks for all the hard work. Here is a fine attacking game against another famous character of British chess, played a mere 38 years ago:

Harman,Ronald FA (2144) - Wood,Baruch Harold (2192) [C05]
Barnstaple op Barnstaple (3), 02.10.1971

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.f4 c5 6.c3 Nc6 7.Ndf3 f6 8.g3 cxd4 9.cxd4 Bb4+ 10.Kf2 0-0 11.Kg2 fxe5 12.fxe5 Be7 13.Bd3 Rf7 14.h4 Nf8 15.Be3 Bd7 16.Nh3 Nb4 17.Bb1 Bb5 18.Nhg5 Bxg5 19.Nxg5 Rc7 20.a3 Nc6 21.Qf3 h6 22.Nh3 Rf7 23.Qg4 Qb6 24.Re1 Bc4 25.b4 a5 26.Nf4 axb4 27.Nh5 bxa3 28.Nf6+ Kh8 29.Bxh6 gxf6 30.exf6 Qc7 31.Qh5 Nh7 32.Rxe6 Rg8 33.Rxa3 Nxd4

34.Bxh7 Rxh7 35.Bg7+ Rgxg7 36.fxg7+ 1-0

23rd Oct 2009 Tony Milnes has taken over from Ron as Club Treasurer. A big thank you to him and to all members who have paid promptly and to those who have made donations to the club this season, it is much appreciated. The deadline for paying club subscriptions is the 16th November.

7th Oct 2009 The London Chess Classic tournament takes place in Olympia between 8th and 15th December 2009, featuring GMs Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, Hikaru Nakamura, Ni Hua, Nigel Short, Michael Adams, David Howell and Luke McShane. In addition there are several open tournaments being run alongside, including a 9-round FIDE rated open - a rarity in London. More details can be found on the London Chess Classic website.

7th Oct 2009 The London Chess Centre, as sponsors of the London Chess League, has supplied the club with some free copies of CHESS magazine. I'll leave these in the equipment cupboard after the next first team game (22nd October). Please feel free to help yourself to a copy.

3rd Oct 2009 Cavendish I beat Cavendish II in the first match in the London League First Division by 8½-3½. However, the match was very closely fought and several of the results could easily have been reversed. A short report can be read here.

29th Sept 2009 Please note that Minor Division London League Fixtures 106 -26th November, 154- 7th January, 240-25th February and 289 -25th March will be played at Golden Lane and therefore Millman Street will not be open on those days. Against Beckenham, Hammersmith, Battersea and Metropolitan respectively. This is to save the booking fee and has been agreed by the London League and our opponents at our request. Do not get caught out with booking adjournments at Millman street on those days. Martin Green will obviously remind Minor Division players when arranging the teams.

1st Sept 2009 Subscriptions to Cavendish Chess Club are now due. For the 2009/10 season these are as follows: President 155, Chair 105, Vice-President 100, Ordinary members 40, Concessions 10, Titled players exempt. The club is in some financial difficulty and is being kept alive by donations from senior members of the club. Please pay this year's subscrition and any arrears as soon as possible, either to Ron Harman or one of the Match Captains. Alternatively, a standing order will help reduce Ron's workload - please ask Ron for a form for this. Regretably anybody who has not paid by 16th November 2009 will be ineligible to play for any Cavendish Chess Club team until that payment has been made.

1st Sept 2009 Fixtures for the 2009/10 season are now available here. This season Cavendish again has a team in the Eastman Cup. Matt Piper will be captain of this team.

1st Sept 2009 ECF grades for 2009/10 season are now available. A list of grades for Cavendish players can be found here.

15th August 2009 Cavendish finished 4th out of 12 teams in the City of London Summer Rapidplay league with 6 wins and 5 losses. Hendon won clearly with 11/12. James Pratt has written an excellent report on our performance. Results of individual matches can be found here.

10th August 2009 At the London Chess League AGM there were some changes to the rules governing defaults. For the 2009/2010 season default points are conceded as follows:

  1. 2 points will be conceded by any player defaulting at a match (up to 45 mins lateness allowed), or failing to arrive for an adjournment (30 mins lateness allowed).
  2. 1 point will be scored by any team taking defaults on bottom board(s) and notifying their opponents before exchange of team lists.
  3. 0 points will be scored by any team taking defaults on bottom board(s) and notifying their opponents by 10pm the night before the match.

Once a team has amassed 6 default points they will be deducted half a match point. Obviously, in any case a defaulted game still concedes one game point to the opposition. Due to the introduction of New Grades by the ECF, the grading limit for the Minor Division is now U140 with no more than two players above 130. Full league rules can be found on the London Chess League website.

Items of news relating to Cavendish Chess Club should be sent to Matt Piper for inclusion on this page.